Hygienic,Fresh and Chemical free Milk | Smart Farm Karaikudi

Pure Cow Milk

Smart Farm

Delivers you hygienic, chemical free milk, freshly collected from our farm.


500ML  -  ₹30

1000ML  -  ₹60

  • Available in 500ml & 1000ml
  • Direct from Rural Farmers and our farm
  • No added Water & Preservatives
  • No Pasteurization & Homogenization
  • Tested negative for Urea & Microbes

Our Process

At Smart Farm Chettinadu, we follow a meticulous process to ensure the production of high-quality milk that is fresh, pure, and nutritious. Our commitment to excellence begins with the care and well-being of our cows and extends to every step of the milk production process.

  • Healthy Cows: We prioritize the health and welfare of our cows. Our cows are raised in a clean and comfortable environment.
  • Hygienic Milking: We maintain strict standards of hygiene during the milking process. Our trained staff follows proper sanitation procedures
  • Timely Milking: Our cows are milked at regular intervals to ensure optimal milk production and prevent any discomfort for the animals.
  • Milk Collection and Storage: After milking, the fresh milk is immediately collected and carefully transferred to our hygienic storage facility.
  • Quality Testing: To ensure the highest quality standards, we conduct regular testing of our milk.
  • Packaging and Delivery: Once the milk has undergone testing and, if required, pasteurization, it is carefully packaged in sterilized containers, ensuring freshness and preventing any tampering.

Throughout the entire process, we strictly adhere to food safety regulations and follow best practices in the dairy industry. Our goal is to provide our customers with milk that is not only delicious but also safe, pure, and packed with essential nutrients.

Organic Free Range Eggs | Smart Farm Karaikudi

Free Range Eggs

Certified 'Free-Range' Eggs

Happy Hens farms eggs are from hens living in a natural environment. Birds have lots of space to express & engage in their natural behavior.


Pack of 6 Eggs


  • Healthy Heart - Reduces Triglycerides in Blood
  • Regulates blood pressure & blood clotting
  • Raises “good” HDL Cholesterol levels
  • Reduces fat in Liver
  • Improves Eye Health
  • Keeps our hair looking nourished
  • Enriches Vitamin A
  • Essential for cell growth, maintenance & repair
  • Better metabolism

Hygienic,Fresh and Chemical free Milk | Smart Farm Karaikudi

Pure Cow Ghee

Smart Farm

SMR Pure Cow Ghee / clarified butter is traditionally made from pure cow milk


500ML  -  ₹600

1000ML  -  ₹1200

Our Process

Smart Farm's Pure Cow Ghee or clarified butter is traditionally made from pure cow milk. The cow milk is churned to separate the cream. After which the ghee is made by simmering the cream. The quality of the ghee depends on the milk quality and differs in each stage of the making process. Ghee is widely used in Indian cuisines, sweets, and snacks.

Recipes for this Product
  • Chicken Ghee Roast
  • Gram Flour Halwa
  • Tender Coconut Payasam

Hygienic,Fresh and Chemical free Milk | Smart Farm Karaikudi

Soft & Fresh Paneer

Smart Farm

Paneer – Soft and tasty, chemical-free paneer, nutritious by nature


100g  -  ₹50

About this item
  • SMR Paneer is the perfect addition to your culinary creations! Crafted using 100% organic milk and curd for melt-in-the-mouth softness, rich milky taste and your daily dose of protein. No vinegar and No chemicals.
  • Made with the purest ingredients: Crafted with organic milk and curd free from antibiotics and synthetic hormones. It is traditionally made without the use of artificial citric acid, tartaric acid or lime juice
  • Melt-in-the-mouth soft texture: Because our paneer has no added preservatives, artificial additives or emulsifiers of any kind, it retains its naturally soft texture in every bite
  • A powerhouse of nutrients: Harnessing the goodness of organic milk, organic malai paneer is full of high-quality protein and nutrients like calcium and vitamin B.
  • Versatile and easy-to-use: With its authentic home-made flavour, our malai paneer can elevate the taste and nutrition of your curries, healthy salads, starters and even lip-smacking desserts.
  • Choice for a healthy diet: A delicious alternative to sugary or oily snacks, malai paneer can help you stay full for longer and keep hunger pangs at bay while adding the goodness of protein to your diet